The Brazilian ceramic tile industry plays an important role in addressing the challenges of sustainability in the construction segment.

Which is why sector engagement in the Anfacer Initiative + Sustainable is key.

This helps the companies to leverage their contributions to the country’s development, create value for society and gain competitive edge in the international market.

The Anfacer Initiative + Sustainable also generates value for other stakeholders. It is a platform for dialogue and for forming partnerships with architects and interior designers, engineers and construction companies, resellers and consumers in general.


Collaborative work

To promote the sustainable development of the sector, the companies that join the initiative will collaboratively create the structure, the policies and the indicators for the Brazilian ceramic tile industry.


Joining the Anfacer Initiative + Sustainable promotes improved business management and strategy. Moreover, it offers a series of other benefits, such as increased efficiency and competitiveness, as well as access to lines of finance.


The Anfacer Initiative + Sustainable was opened for membership in February 2019.


Collaborative work

The goals to be pursued include:

> Positioning the Brazilian ceramic tile industry;

> Promoting innovation to drive business sustainability;

> Generating and disseminating content and knowledge to drive this area forward;

> Promoting a sustainable economy in the Brazilian ceramic tile industry;

> Promoting local actions in the clusters;

> Developing content that creates differentials for ceramic tiles in the civil construction industry;

> Promoting innovation for sustainable cities.



> Opportunity for employees to take the agent of change training course;

> Priority in selection for studies and investments in the Anfacer innovation program;

> Technical support and networking for sustainability;

> Free inclusion of company brand in all Anfacer Initiative + Sustainable publications and disclosures;

> Reduction in costs of action plans to mitigate impacts, reduction in use of natural raw materials and decreased dependence on finite resources;

> Collaboration aimed at meeting Brazilian government targets in international commitments, with the consequent reduction in risks;

> Increased competitiveness and prominence in the Brazilian and international markets;

> Mapping of means and lines of finance to enhance the Anfacer Initiative + Sustainable and to conduct studies;

> Development of projects to fund research focused on innovation for sustainability;

> Promotion of dialogue with government bodies focused on the sustainable development of the sector; 

> Leadership and representation in market discussions and events to promote the Anfacer Initiative + Sustainable.