The Anfacer Initiative + Sustainable has the mission of transforming the Brazilian ceramic tile sector. 

This will take place through the incorporation of sustainable development criteria into the manufacturers’ business strategy.

Thus, by adding environmental value and social value to their business, while generating financial results, Brazilian companies will reinforce their global leadership, gaining a competitive differential and creating shared value in both the Brazilian and international markets.


Green and Circular

The Anfacer Initiative + Sustainable contributes to a world in transition towards a:


To join the Initiative, companies are required to be transparent in disclosing their social, environmental and economic information and to ensure leadership engagement, as well as alignment with the principles of sustainability and conformity with basic management and compliance requirements.


The first stage of the initiative (2016-2018) consisted of technical measures, such as conducting interviews, gathering data and understanding how the sector stood in relation to ISO standards, as well as developing the following publications:

> Mapeamento das Legislações Ambientais (Mapping of environmental legislations);
> Diagnóstico Setorial com base no Draft Final ISO 17889 (Sector diagnosis based on the ISO 17889 Final Draft);
> Tabela Ambiental Setorial (Sector Environmental Table);
> Análise de Ciclo de Vida Setorial - ACV (Sector Life Cycle Analysis);
> Guia de Sustentabilidade (Sustainability Guide).

The second stage began in 2019 and is initially focused on engaging the companies in the sector. The intense participation of the manufacturers is contributing to the positioning of the Brazilian ceramic tile industry in both national  and international market, as well as enhancing management and driving innovation.

Associação Nacional dos Fabricantes de Cerâmica para Revestimentos, Louças Sanitárias e Congêneres

(Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary Ware and Related Products)

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